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What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

People who suffer from back pain find it difficult to bend, squat, lift, or even sleep.

Symptoms associated with back pain include sharp pain at the back, muscle ache, deep pain during movement, etc.

Back pains are often caused by the following conditions:

Injury. Upper cervical injuries are responsible for most cases of back pain. Accidents, sports, and other excessive use of back muscles can cause these injuries.

Unless the injuries are addressed, inflammation and pains in the back region will persist. 

Bad Posture. If you spend hours hunched over your electronic gadget or commuting long distances in an automobile, you’re likely to suffer from back pains. 

To prevent back pains, avoid bad postures. Don’t sit or stand for long periods, or drive long-distance without break. Don’t sleep on a poorly-designed mattress. 

Diseases. Ruptured disks, arthritis, ligament, or muscle strain can cause back pains.

Lack of Exercise. Exercise makes your body stronger and more flexible. Lack of exercise weakens your body and makes your back susceptible to injuries and pain.

Chiropractic Care and Back Pain

Many studies suggest that upper cervical problems are the root causes of back pains.

To address your back pain, the upper cervical chiropractor will conduct tests using digital x-ray and thermal imaging devices. If an injury is diagnosed, the specific chiropractor will deliver a chiropractic adjustment and other types of care.

This will give you longlasting relief from back pains.

Have you been suffering from back pain? Give us a call. We can help you find long-lasting relief. And because our community safety is our utmost priority, we can guarantee that you are safe during your consultation or appointment.

For the past six years, Dr. Addison Bulosan has provided excellent chiropractic care for sufferers of chronic migraines and other travel-related illnesses. For more information, contact Dr. Addison Bulosan at 296 Alamaha St #C3A, Kahului, HI 96732. Phone: 808-866-6551. Please forward all email inquiries to  To schedule a free 15-minute consultation, visit 

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