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How Upper Cervical Care Relates to Pain in Neck, Back, Arms, Legs & Joints

People who experience chronic pain are often unable to thrive or function normally. In most cases, the sufferer is affected physically and psychologically. One study published by the Journal Of Pain Management showed that chronic pain can cause sleeplessness, lack of concentration and depression.

Medical researchers revealed that spinal injury is the underlying cause of most cases of pain in the spine, joints, and limbs.

Spine pain is characterized by neck pain, low, middle and upper back pain.

Joint pains often manifest as pain in the shoulder, knees, legs, arms, hips, and ankles.

Limb pains are characterized by pains in the arms and legs.

Most sufferers of pain have experienced some form of neck trauma or injury. Blows to the head, bad postures, automobile, and sports accidents are common causes of neck trauma. Trauma forces the head out of the center axis where it sits between the spine and the neck. This misalignment brings about an uneven distribution of weight between the neck and the spine. To cope with the additional weight, the spine twists. The imbalance also leads to pain in the spine, joints, and limbs.

When the whole spinal structure twists, the legs are affected too. One leg appears to be longer than its counterpart is. The sufferer can also experience chronic pains in the knees, pelvis and lower back. Upper cervical injuries impair the brain’s ability to control the spine’s postural muscles. This explains why upper cervical injuries lead to tremors in the back and neck, weak muscles, and imbalance. In some cases, chronic pains can arise as a result of compression of the cervical and spinal vertebrae.

To determine if your chronic pains have been caused by a spinal injury, you’ll have to visit an upper cervical chiropractor for a comprehensive evaluation. Upper cervical chiropractors conduct digital x-ray and thermal imaging tests to get an accurate assessment of the spine. If a spinal injury is diagnosed, the specific chiropractic will administer a wide range of rare chiropractic techniques that will correct the problem. Many sufferers of chronic pain feel better after their first few sessions of upper cervical care.

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